The Abseil Access team was awarded the task of rebranding the AGL signage in North Sydney. This involved safely removing hundreds of neon tubes and over 900kg of aluminium letters for recycling. The façade received a new paintjob before the new letters and changed logo could be installed. This job required extensive data wiring and the team worked efficiently to keep ahead of the completion date.

Abseil access were contacted to provide waterfront access to a property. The team installed a SAYFA KOMBI aluminium access system chosen because of it’s robustness and resistance to corrosion (being so close to water). The 3-dimensional nature of the cliff face made this a complex build. The team using their height safety experience and carpentry skills installed this functional access system. The client was very pleased to be able to safely access his favourite fishing spot again.

Abseil access assisted in the clearing and stabilisation of slopes for a water utilities centre Rope access was the preferred method due to the rugged terrain and the work areas being out of reach from the large earthmoving equipment. The team were able to efficiently access the slope and clear and stabilise the work areas.

Abseil Access were contracted for the rebranding of the Rydges Hotel in Mackay, Queensland. The stripping, removal of the existing lightbox, installation of new letters and painting was completed safely and to the highest standard. The team worked within tight time-frames to ensure minimal disruption to the clients.

Ausgrid Sydney: Abseil Access completed the installation of Ausgrid Signage in the busy CBD of Sydney. The team ensured that there was minimal disruption to the building occupants and traffic flow during the installation.